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Our Crew


Andrew Christensen - Chief and Owner   
Andrew  started cycling after reconstructive knee surgery led him to take up cycling for his rehabilitation. As a cyclist, his competitive nature took over, and soon Andrew was racing against many of the nation’s top professional and elite riders.  Though no longer competing in national professional level racing events, he still manages to compete in and finish the occasional Pro1/2 local race to remember “the hurt” and to keep himself humble.  Before founding  Bici Sport, Andrew was a marketing consultant with a MBA in international marketing (so much for higher education) and worked for many a tech company before burning out on corporate life.  

Andrew is also a Wenzel Cycling Coach, coaching cyclists of all abilities and Bici Sport’s chief bike fitter and gopher.

Dirty Little Secret -  Likes Taylor Swift songs.

Jenny Christensen -  Co-Owner, Office Manager and Organizational Whiz
Once upon a time Jenny used to compete in triathlons on the tropical island of Maui while living in the jungle subsisting on mangos and plantains.  Now, besides keeping our twins, Pierce and Alicia, and her husband, Andrew, in line, she manages Bici’s back office, keeping things organized and making sure the bills are all paid on time..

Dirty Little Secret - She isn’t actually riding the bike in this picture.

Matt Rossi - Sales ManagerMatt Rossi

Matt has been working at bike shops since he was a wee teemage.  Though that hasn't been too many years, he still has a wealth of technical and product information to help out our customers.  His skinny frames and long arms and legs created his nickname of, Spider Monkey..  Matt has just returned from riding his bike across Europe and he must have many interesting stories to tell.

Dirty Little Secrets - Likes Snuggies


Colby Pastore - Assistant Manager

Colby has worked at Bici Sport off and on for nearly 9 years.  He started out a grom doing odd jobs at the shop and then to being a steller saleman and part time mechanic.  He has worked at Easton in their wheel department as well as being a professional mountain bike racer.  He is alos founder and manager of the Sata Cruz / Exfusion Mountain Bike team.

Dirty Little Secret:  Waxes more than his mustache

Rusk Whipps - Sales and PR Provocatuer

Rusk has had years of experience selling high tech gadgets to companies around the world, but his true passion is cycling.  Rusk has raced at a top tier of amateur racing many years ago, knows more professional racers than the rest of us combined and has some tales to tell about it all.  Ever ebullient, Rusk really likes to get beginner ride

rs out on their bikes and even is our host for our beginner cycling clinics.

Dirty Little Secret - Rides a compact crank.



Bici shop groms are the youngest and newest members of our crew.  They are hand picked for their geniality and kindness  Our shop groms are Sawyer Backman and David Wilson who both attend Casa Grande High School.   Our groms perform the fun duties around the shop, like sweeping the floors, pumping up tires, and cleaning toilets.

Dirty Little Secrets - Too young to have any...


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