Our Crew


Andrew Christensen - Chief and Owner  
Andrew  started cycling after reconstructive knee surgery led him to take up cycling for his rehabilitation. As a cyclist, his competitive nature took over, and soon Andrew was racing against many of the nation’s top professional and elite riders.  Though no longer competing in national professional level racing events, he still manages to compete in and finish the occasional Pro1/2 local race to remember “the hurt” and to keep himself humble.  Before founding  Bici Sport, Andrew was a marketing consultant with a MBA in international marketing (so much for higher education) and worked for many a tech company before burning out on corporate life.  

Andrew is also a Wenzel Cycling Coach, coaching cyclists of all abilities and Bici Sport’s chief bike fitter and gopher.

Dirty Little Secret -  Likes Taylor Swift songs.

Matt Rossi

Sales and Tech ManagerMatt Rossi

Matt has been working at bike shops since he was a wee teenager.  Though that hasn't been too many years, he still has a wealth of technical and product information to help out our customers.  Matt is also known as the Hippie Kid and tunes many a local pro's bike before they compete.  Matt can also weld numerous items and is currently creating two frames to donate to the Norcal High School mountain Bike League

Dirty Little Secrets - Likes Snuggies


Nicholas Tribble

Sales and Tech

Nic has been working at Bici Sport since he was a tiny high school grom.  He now is in college and has buffed out.  He know all sorts of things about bikes and also Subaru cars.   Most of the time Nic is studying to become an engineer but in his spare time he works at Bici Sport, takes photos, and occasionally gets out for a bike ride.

Dirty Little Secret:  Does not like to study

David Wilson

Shop All Arounder

David has been working at Bici part time for a number of years.  He is currently a senior at Petaluma High.  You will see David mostly working on the weekends when he has some spare time.

Dirty Little Secret: Football Hero

Parker Loden


Parker is currently a junior at Petaluma High School and the youngest of the Bici Crew.  He is probably the most polite teenager you will ever meet.  He also races for the Petaluma/ Casa Grande High School Mountain bike team. 

Dirty Little Secret: Raises hogs every Spring and shows them at the fair!