By providing Threshold Testing and Spin Analysis testing, we can help ensure you are on track for your fitness goals.  Threshold testing provide cyclists with important data to determine where to set heart rate and power meter training zones.  The zones change as a cyclist’s fitness changes and should be done every six to eight weeks for maximum benefit. Services include:

Threshold Testing:

This test is used to determine a rider’s fitness by determining the highest point at which exercise-intensity levels can be sustained before blood lactate concentration rises. In practical terms it is the highest power output a cyclist can sustain for a prolonged (30 to 45 minute) period of time. The Threshold is determined by riding a constant speed and increasing resistance at fixed intervals until a cyclist cannot ride at the determined speed anymore.  With Lactate Threshold determined a rider is then able to set appropriate heart rate or power training zones for their training program.

Spin Analysis:

By examining a cyclist’s pedal spin we can determine if your pedaling is providing the maximum power transfer to the bike – by identifying flat or “dead spots” where power is not transferred to the bike’s drive train.  A Spin Analysis also can determine whether or not you are favoring one leg over the other, and the results can be used to prevent possible future knee or other overuse/imbalance injuries.