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Hincapie Power Merino Wool Gloves
- Super soft Merino wool is itch free and naturally antimicrobial - Every fiber contains thousands of tiny little pockets that trap air to insulate against the elements - Naturally porous Merino wool fibers give off a small amount of heat as they absorb and transport moisture away from the skin, preventing chill - Merino wool fiber's unique chemistry and bacteria resistance naturally suppresses odors caused by human sweat - Special non-skid, silicone gripper palm pads provide a secure grip on the bars, shifters and brake levers - Ergonomic stretch-to-fit design ensures a comfortable fit Merino Wool Incredibly fine fibers create soft, itch-free products that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This Merino Wool & Polypropylene fiber with a nylon core blend increases dry time to help improve your comfort and also improves recovery, provides better strength and durability. The wool fibers contain thousands of tiny ‘pockets’ that trap air to insulate against changing elements. These naturally porous, anti-microbial and odor resistant fibers wick moisture away from the body to help regulate temperature naturally.
Park Tool Nitrile Mechanic's Gloves
Keep your hands free of grime and protected from potentially harmful lubricants, chemicals and solvents with Park's Nitrile Mechanic's Gloves. Sold in boxes of 100 pairs, these hand protectors were recently improved with a thicker, heavier-duty nitrile material that offers excellent dexterity plus the toughness to resist rips and snags, and to be re-used multiple times. They're made from nitrile and not latex to prevent any possible allergic reactions. These mechanic's mitts provide a superior fit and are easy to slip on and off, too.
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