Time Time Xpresso 12 Titan Carbon Pedal

Time Time Xpresso 12 Titan Carbon Pedal
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Time has improved their popular iClic platform and the result is the Xpresso pedal. The Xpresso platform, and the Time Xpresso 12 Titan Carbon pedal boasts the fastest engagement time of any pedal. The Xpresso pedal engagement mechanism is always in an open position, so you don't have to overcome spring tension to lock your cleat in. When you twist your foot to click out, the engagement mechanism stays open until you step back in—effortlessly.

Using a carbon leaf spring, the Xpresso 12 saves weight compared to a standard clipless pedal which uses a coiled steel spring. The Xpresso provides more surface area while cutting weight. The carbon body and leaf spring rotate around a hollow titanium axle, which allows the Xpresso 12 to tip the scales at a mere 155 grams per pair.

TIME also knows that everyone’s legs are different, and have designed their pedal to accommodate individual bio-mechanical constraints. Angular and Lateral float facilitate the natural movement of your joints, making this pedal not only light and efficient but also extremely comfortable to use.

Key features:

- Automatic pre-opening of engagement mechanism.
- Hollow titanium axle and carbon body with flexible carbon blade.
- Oversized pedal platform with interchangeable aluminium plate provides 700 mm2 of contact surface.
- Q-factor adjustment allows you to set the lateral position of your foot.
- Bio Position Concept minimises the distance between your foot and the pedal axle.
- Angular float (+/-5°) and lateral float (2.5 mm).
- “Feeling” adjustment gives you 3 angular float resistance settings.
- Release angle: 15°.
- Weight: 155 g (manufacturer claimed, per pair).
- Manufacturers recommended riders maximum weight limit is 190 pounds.
- These pedals are supplied with cleats.

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