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Bike Fitting

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  • 30 minutes
  • 125 US dollars

Service Description

Merging the rider with the bike is somewhat art and somewhat science. If your bike doesn’t fit you correctly, you won’t enjoy riding it. That’s why a custom fit, utilizing the latest fitting tools, along with our years of experience, helps ensure your comfort on the bike. Bike Fittings include: Cleat Positioning Having your cleats in the proper position for your body not only aids in pedaling efficiency but is also the starting point of having your bike fit you correctly. Bici Sport is able to custom fit your cleats for your maximal performance. Custom Positioning If you want to get the most comfort and efficiency out of your bike, the Custom Positioning session tailors your existing bike to fit you and your riding style to maximum efficiency. Bici Sport has been trained by some of the best fit experts around including Rene Wenzel, who helped develop the Wobblenot fit system and Michael Sylvestor, the founder of the Serrota Fit School. We use this training with our fitting and coaching experience to fine-tune your fit on the bike to take into account your range of motion, flexibility and unique body requirements. Performance Bike Positioning This service is designed to increase your on-the-bike efficiency, comfort and power by combining the Custom Positioning service with the use of a Computrainer. We can fine tune your position to achieve the most efficient and comfortable set up. Utilizing the Performance Bike Positioning one can also determine whether or not you are favoring one leg over the other, and the results can be used to prevent possible future knee or other overuse/imbalance injuries.

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