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Bici Sport Holiday Gift Bags

 Holiday Gft Bags

Bici Sport is making your Holiday season easier by creating the Bici Holiday Gift Bag.  We have four different options (and options within options) so that you can choose the perfect gift and also save some money.

Bici Gift Bag # 1

  • Your choice of bike tire tube!
  • Park Tool Tire Lever Set
  • Two Gu Energy Gels packs, your choice!
  • Bici Sport Water Bottle

Retails for $20

Holiday Price: $14.99

Bici Gift Bag # 2

  • Pair of Hincapie Merino Wool Socks
  • Your choice of bike tire tube
  • Park Tool Lever Set
  • Two Gu Energy Gels packs, your choice!
  • Park Tool Patch Kit

Retails for $35

Holiday Price: $27.99

Bici Holiday Gift Bag #3

  • Bici Sport Water Bottle
  • Bici Sport Cap
  • Your choice of Sonoma County or Marin County bike map
  • Your choice of bike tire tube
  • Your choice of a Pair of Sock Guy socks

Retails for $47

Holiday Price: $39.99

Bici Holiday Gift Bag – Hincapie Sportswear Winter Wear  

  • Hincapie Sports Alp Glove
  • Hincapie Sports Ghisallo Rain Arm Warmers
  • Hincapie Sports Water Bottle

Retails for $115 

Holiday Price: $59.99

Welcome to Bici Sport

BICI SPORTBici Sport strives to provide you with the best cycling solutions available. Our extensive cycling experience is passed on to you, providing you with the products and information necessary to become a more efficient and knowledgeable cyclist.

Bici Sport sells and services high quality bicycles and related apparel, components, an
d accessories at reasonable prices.  Bici Sport’s expertise is more than just selling the best bicycle related gear, our services also include coaching, performance testing and professional bike fitting so you can get the most out of your riding experience

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we offer the best, including Trek, Seven Cycles, Bianchi, TIME, Formigli, Bontrager, Hincapie, Dude Girl, Capo Forma, Zipp, Mavic, Hed, and ...

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Having trouble finding the exact part you need? Don't let an obscure piece of the bicycling puzzle stop you. Try our store or online catalog. If it's not there, try giving us a call or stop by the shop.  We are always eager to help you find and special order the parts you need.

Today's Tip

Corner With Care – It’s a good idea to use care entering corners, especially unfamiliar ones. Cars tend to push gravel to the edge of the road, right where you’re riding, so slow down before the corner and watch for debris. If you bring too much speed into a turn, don’t slam on the brakes because you might skid a tire and lose control. Instead, gradually apply the brakes. To gain control, turn your head and look to the inside of the corner, which will help you remain on your side of the road. You tend to head towards where you look so if you can turn and see the inside of the corner, you’ll find that you won’t ride out of it.


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