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Not A Black Friday Sale

Here at Bici Sport we are not having a Special Black Friday sale, we are not going to open on Thanksgiving day, or even open at 3:00 AM on Friday.  Instead we will be riding our bikes, hanging out with family and friends and stuffing ourselves with turkey.

We will instead be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, normal hours, providing you with great service, great prices, and a friendly experience. 

We do have some great older model bikes on closeout  (at great prices I might add) and some clothing.  We also have some great winter clothing and great gift packages for yourself or a loved one.  So instead of getting up early and facing the mobs of others at the mall, go for a bike ride, eat some leftovers with relatives and head on down to Bici Sport for some cool cycling related goods.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to Bici Sport

BICI SPORTBici Sport strives to provide you with the best cycling solutions available. Our extensive cycling experience is passed on to you, providing you with the products and information necessary to become a more efficient and knowledgeable cyclist.

Bici Sport sells and services high quality bicycles and related apparel, components, an
d accessories at reasonable prices.  Bici Sport’s expertise is more than just selling the best bicycle related gear, our services also include coaching, performance testing and professional bike fitting so you can get the most out of your riding experience

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we offer the best, including Trek, Seven Cycles, Bianchi, TIME, Formigli, Bontrager, Hincapie, Dude Girl, Capo Forma, Zipp, Mavic, Hed, and ...

Trek's Domane: Perfect for Sonoma County Roads!

Trek's brilliant IsoSpeed Technology, as found in their Domane bicycles, delivers the ultimate ride, providing efficient pedaling and excellent handling while also smoothing every road for ride-all-day comfort. Hop on a Domane and enjoy all your road riding like never before!

Today's Tip

Control The Kids By Setting Some Rules - Having trouble controlling your bike because of a rambunctious child in the seat behind you? Consider setting some rules. Usually, if you tell him that he can't ride unless he rides safely, he'll get the point quickly and behave. Or try bribery: Promise a treat at ride's end if all safety rules are obeyed. Trailers are much more forgiving in such situations. Kids can even play a favorite card game or amuse themselves with other safe-to-travel-with playthings inside the confines of a bike trailer.


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